Two Chicago Bicycle Accidents On Milwaukee Avenue

There are many bicycle accidents that happen in Chicago on an ongoing basis.  In the last few months, several high-profile fatal Chicago bicycle accidents have occurred, which has heightened recognition of the issue of Chicago bicycling safety.

On this site, many Chicago and Chicago area bicycle accidents have been summarized.  As well, additional discussion concerning various facets of bicycle accidents is seen on the following three pages:

Chicago Bicycle Accidents

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Bicycle Accident Injuries

The article of October 24, 2016, titled “Cyclist Thrown Into Pickup Truck After Yet Another Crash On Milwaukee Avenue” discusses two recent Chicago bicycle accidents.  The first happened on Milwaukee Avenue on October 7, and involved a bicyclist colliding with a pedestrian.  The bicyclist was taken to a hospital for treatment of accident injuries that included a shoulder and leg injury.

Another previous bicycle accident – that also happened on Milwaukee Avenue near Milwaukee and Sacramento Avenues in the Logan Square neighborhood – is also mentioned.  In that car-bicycle collision, the bicyclist was thrown onto the hood of the car.

Additional details can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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