Riverside Car Crash Leads To DUI-Drugs Charge For Driver

Driving while impaired by drugs is a growing traffic safety problem.  As seen in many Chicago-area crashes these “drugged driver” crashes often result in serious accident injuries.  The subject of “drugged driving” and the serious accident injuries that often result from these crashes is further discussed on the “Cook County Car Accidents Involving Drivers Under The Influence Of Drugs” page.  As discussed on that page, marijuana continues to be one of the most common drugs used by drivers who then drive while impaired.  If this cannabis use is combined with alcohol usage, the resulting impairment is often magnified.

There was a Riverside car crash January 2, 2019 after which a driver was charged with DUI-drugs.  This car crash, which happened at the intersection of First Avenue and 31st Street, led to both drivers being injured.

Two excerpts regarding this Riverside car crash, from the January 4, 2019 La Grange Patch article titled “Drugged Driver Hits Car Stopped At Red Light:  Cops“:

A drugged driver caused a crash in Riverside when he hit a car waiting at a red light, police said. The driver, Tyler Plunkett, 24, of Brookfield was charged with DUI-drugs, failure to reduced speed to avoid an accident and possession of cannabis.


Police said Plunkett had smoked cannabis and taken Xanax before driving. Plunkett told police he had been drinking beer early in the evening but he admitted to smoking “a lot of cannabis” for the past few days and had ingested Xanax. Riverside Police administered field sobriety testing on scene and Plunkett failed all of them.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Riverside car crash after which the driver was charged with DUI-drugs can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the January 4 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Impaired driver totals car in Riverside.”