Morton Grove Motorcycle Accident Along Dempster Street

A Morton Grove motorcycle accident that occurred on April 25, 2019 was summarized in the “Morton Grove Motorcycle Collision With Vehicle On Dempster Street” post. As seen in that post, this Morton Grove motorcycle accident allegedly involved a vehicle that attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. A collision ensued between the vehicle and motorcycle. The motorcyclist was critically injured due to the crash.

According to the May 17, 2019 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Naperville motorcyclist dies weeks after Morton Grove crash” the injured motorcyclist died from accident injuries on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. The rider was identified as Andrew Clark, 48, of Naperville.

As seen in the article, this Morton Grove motorcycle accident involved a “head-on collision” between the motorcycle and vehicle. These types of collisions are typical when a vehicle attempts to make a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. As discussed on the “‘Head-On Collisions’ Involving Motorcycles” page, there are many reasons as to why these collisions often lead to serious, if not life-threatening accident injuries to the motorcycle rider, and if applicable, passenger.

Due to the severity of injuries resulting from such crashes, riders who survive such crashes often seek to get compensation for their accident injuries. Due to the severity of such injuries, extensive hospitalization is often involved, which typically involves emergency care, extensive testing, possible surgeries, and possibly a protracted hospital stay. There are also other forms of care needed, such as various types of rehabilitation. Given this level of medical care, medical bills are likely to be high, even for those who have good insurance. A personal injury lawsuit can seek to get compensation for these medical bills, as well as types of compensation for other harm and financial adversity that has occurred.

The topic of personal injury lawsuits for motorcycle accidents is further discussed on the “Cook County Accident Injuries And Personal Injury Lawsuits” page.

If the motorcycle accident was the fault of another person or entity, and it resulted in the death of motorcyclist or motorcycle passenger, relevant parties may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Those types of lawsuits are further discussed on the “Wrongful Death Lawsuits” page.