There was a fatal Skokie car crash late Sunday (September 16, 2018) night.

According to police, they responded to the crash, which involved a Corvette crashing into an empty office building, at 11:43 p.m.

The driver was taken to St. Francis Hospital in critical condition. He remained in critical condition for several days before he died on Wednesday (September 19, 2018) night. The man was later identified as
Arturo Garcia-Martinez, 32, of Evanston.

An excerpt regarding this fatal Skokie car crash, from the September 20, 2018 Skokie Review article titled “Man who crashed Corvette into empty Skokie building dies; speed and alcohol a factor, police say“:

An investigation that involved the North Regional Task Force Major Crash Assistance Team determined that speed and alcohol were factors in the crash, according to Skokie police.


Large skid marks could be seen at the crash site leading from Oakton Street, crossing over the center lane and heading right up to the building.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this fatal Skokie car crash can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above.

Speed as a contributor and/or cause of accidents is discussed on the “Speed As An Accident Cause And The Potential For Serious Injuries” page. As discussed on that page, various statistics indicate that the likelihood of serious injuries and fatal injuries increases with higher speeds. As seen in many Chicago area accidents, including those involving loss of control, driving at excessive speed is a factor in many serious accident injuries.