Car Hits Girl In Evanston

Pedestrian accidents in which people are struck while walking in a crosswalk continue to be a traffic safety problem in the Chicago metropolitan area as well as elsewhere.  On this site, there have been many Chicago-area pedestrian accidents – some fatal – in which walkers have been struck by vehicles as they walk within crosswalks.

As seen in many Chicago-area pedestrian accidents, there are a wide range of injuries that can occur, and these vary in their severity.  Some of these injuries have been fatal in nature, either immediately (i.e. at the accident scene) or after a period of hospitalization.

The issue of people being hit by vehicles while walking in crosswalks, as well as other aspects of pedestrian accidents, is further discussed on the “Cook County Pedestrian Accidents” page.

There was a pedestrian accident Friday afternoon (February 3, 2017) in Evanston.  According to at least one media source, the accident happened as a girl was walking in a crosswalk.  The accident happened on McCormick Avenue.

The accident is further discussed in the February 3, 2017 Wilmette Patch article titled “Child Hit by Car in Evanston Friday” as well as the February 3 Evanston Now article titled “Child hit by car on McCormick.”