Car Accident Involving Hydroplaning In Northfield

On the “Causes Of Car Accidents” page, various reasons for Cook County car accidents are discussed.  One of the causes of car accidents mentioned is that of hazardous roadway conditions.  While there are many factors that may contribute to such hazardous conditions, one such factor is presented by standing water.  Standing water is especially hazardous at night or in low-visibility conditions, as the driver may not have time to slow or stop previous to driving into the water.

A serious crash attributed to standing water happened in Northfield on November 11, 2015.  The car accident happened on Waukegan Road, about a quarter-mile north of Winnetka Road, and happened as the car hit the water and hydroplaned.  As a result of this hydroplaning, the car left the roadway and hit a tree.

The accident is discussed in media sources including the November 19 Daily North Shore article titled “Teens Survive Fiery Crash.”   In that article, additional details are provided regarding the accident and injuries, as well as pictures of the badly damaged car.