Bicycle Dooring Accidents In Chicago

Bicycling in the greater Chicago area is popular, with many people seeking to enjoy the exercise and other benefits of bicycling. As well, increasingly people have chosen to bicycle to work.

As many bicyclists in the Chicago metropolitan area know, bicycling in traffic presents many risks. Streets can be busy with vehicle traffic, and drivers can be aggressive and, at times, reckless. Additionally, distracted drivers appears to be another growing risk to Chicago area traffic safety in general, and to bicyclists in particular.

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) published a report concerning City of Chicago bicycling accidents. The report, titled “City Of Chicago: 2012 Bicycle Crash Analysis” contains a variety of statistics regarding bicycle accidents in the 2005-2010 period, as well as a number of recommendations on how to improve Chicago bicycling safety.

One area of note within the report is that regarding dooring accidents. The post of November 23, 2013 titled “Avoiding Bicycling ‘Dooring’ Accidents” discussed the “dooring” topic. Within the CDOT report, there is a limited amount of statistics (seen on page 29) regarding the overall topic of dooring. However, the information seen on page 48 discusses the prevalence of dooring accidents on 15 “arterial” streets. As stated by the report, “These arterials accounted for 52 percent of all dooring crashes.” The accompanying table shows that Lincoln, Clark and Milwaukee are the arterials with the highest rates of dooring crashes, as well as the highest absolute number of dooring crashes.

While the data from the CDOT report is at this point somewhat “dated,” it still seems informative and highlights the underlying level of risk and hazards presented to those who ride in Chicago.

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