Accidents That Happen Within Crosswalks

Accidents that happen within crosswalks remain a significant problem, both within the Chicago area as well as nationally.  A recent example of accidents that happen within crosswalks is discussed in the July 27, 2015 post titled “Two Accidents Within The Same Crosswalk.”  This post summarized two serious crosswalk accidents that happened in Des Plaines on July 24, 2015.  One of the accidents involved a pedestrian who later died from her accident injuries, as discussed in the July 27, 2015 Daily Herald article titled “Des Plaines woman hit by car dies.”

Chicago pedestrian accidents are further discussed on the “Chicago Pedestrian Accidents” page. This page cites various statistics with regard to pedestrian accidents and provides tips with regard to pedestrian safety.

Even though a pedestrian is lawfully walking in a crosswalk does not necessarily guarantee safety, unfortunately.  As mentioned on the Chicago Pedestrian Accidents page mentioned above:

Many pedestrian accidents are the fault of motorists. While crosswalks are supposed to provide a safe crossing for pedestrians, in many cases crosswalks go unheeded by motorists.  Various past statistics show that Chicago pedestrian accidents often happen while people walk in a crosswalk – with the “walk” signal.”  As seen in the October 26, 2011 post, titled “City of Chicago Initiative To Highlight Pedestrian Accidents And Pedestrian Safety“:

About 80 percent of vehicle-pedestrian crashes in Chicago occur at intersections and commonly involve people crossing the street with the walk signal, according to a new city study released this summer. The No. 1 cause of the accidents was drivers failing to yield, the analysis found.

Both on this site as well as on other Elman Joseph Law Group sites, such as the Chicago Illinois Car Accident Lawyer Blog have featured many accidents in which pedestrians or other crosswalk users, such as bicyclists, have been struck by a vehicle.

Due to the nature of these accidents, in which a vehicle collides with someone who is relatively unprotected from such a collision, such as a pedestrian or bicyclist, accident injuries are often extensive, if not fatal in nature.  Many of the accidents cited above have involved one or more fatalities.

There are many potential reasons why motorists fail to “see” and yield to pedestrians and others who may be crossing the roadway in a crosswalk.  Some of the prominent reasons include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Lack of awareness that motorists should yield to those in the crosswalk
  • Impaired driving (driving while impaired by alcohol consumption or drug use)
  • “Drowsy driving” – driving done inattentively due to lack of sleep or rest
  • Motorists attempting to “get through the intersection” in front of those in the crosswalk

Due to the severity of the accident injuries, those who have been hit by vehicles while they were within the crosswalk often have a tremendous need for accident injury compensation.  Due to the seriousness of the injuries, many different types of compensation may be available to those injured.  Various types of compensation include that for:

  • medical costs, including rehabilitation
  • compensation for pain and suffering
  • compensation for disability
  • compensation for disfigurement and impairment
  • compensation for lost wages
  • monetary awards for other harm that may have occurred due to the injuries 

If you are involved in such a crosswalk accident, there are many steps that you should take – including getting an immediate, thorough medical examination and treatment by a qualified medical professional.  Of note, you should get such an examination even if you don’t necessarily believe that your injuries are “serious” enough to warrant such an examination.  The reasons for this are various, and are further discussed in the page titled “Important Reasons For Getting A Medical Examination After An Accident.”

From a legal perspective, you should act to protect your legal rights and seek compensation for your injuries and other harm.  Often, people choose to retain a qualified personal injury lawyer to seek maximum compensation for injuries sustained during the accident.

The Elman Joseph Law Group provides a free, no-obligation legal consultation to discuss the accident and injuries and to advise as to legal issues.   To speak directly to Tony Elman, Lead Attorney of the Elman Joseph Law Group, call (773) 392-8182 at any time.

Elman Joseph Law Group works on a “contingency basis”…this means that clients will never have to pay legal fees unless and until they get injury compensation.

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