Elman Law Group, LLC Wins Big With A Stunning $621,000 Jury Verdict In Cook County (Chicago, Illinois) “Wrist Fracture” Car Accident Case

Anthony R. Elman of Elman Law Group, LLC has successfully achieved a $621,000 jury verdict involving a wrist fracture stemming from a Chicago car accident. The case, John Calhoun vs. Peter Ochoa, was tried in Cook County Circuit Court, Chicago, Illinois.

Elman Law Group took the case to trial after there was a Last Offer to Settle by Defendant (American Family Insurance In House Counsel) of $45,000.

The case involved a 36-year-old plaintiff who was involved in a Chicago car accident, which happened when the defendant, insured by American Family Insurance Company, allegedly failed to yield the right-of-way when his car made a left-hand turn in front of the plaintiff’s car. The plaintiff, who was the front-seat passenger in the car, suffered a wrist injury to his right arm when the deployed airbag hit his arm. The plaintiff had about 2-3 months of post-accident treatment for this wrist fracture. No invasive surgery was ever needed. The treatment consisted of pain medications, wearing a hand cast, physical therapy, and closed reduction non-invasive outpatient surgery. The defense was allowed to introduce into evidence that the plaintiff had a recent felony criminal conviction.

Plaintiff’s medical bills were about $21,000. Anthony Elman’s last settlement demand was $50,000.

“Wrong-Way Driver” Crash On I-57 In Matteson Results In Fatality

“Wrong-Way Drivers” often occur after drivers are impaired by alcohol, and in some cases are impaired by drug use.

As seen in many “wrong-way driver” accidents – some of which are summarized on this site in posts found under the “Wrong-Way Driver Accidents” category – crashes that happen after drivers drive in the wrong direction often result in serious injuries and in some cases fatalities.

One of the reasons that “wrong-way driver” crashes often result in serious injuries is that the resulting collisions are often “head-on collisions.”  As discussed on the “‘Head-On Collisions’ In Cook County” page, there are many reasons why these types of crashes often result in vehicle occupants being seriously injured.  While there are many reasons as to why such frontal collisions can occur, it is common for such crashes to involve a drunk driver.

The April 23, 2018 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Hazel Crest man killed in wrong-way crash on I-57 in Matteson” discusses an April 22, 2018 fatal accident in Matteson which involved a pickup truck driving in the wrong direction on I-57.

An excerpt from the article:

A 22-year-old man from Colorado Springs, Colorado, was driving a blue 2004 Ford pickup south in the northbound lanes of I-57 at 3:31 a.m. when it crashed head-on with a northbound brown Nissan Altima near Vollmer Road in Matteson, according to a statement from Illinois State Police. Both vehicles rolled over as a result of the crash.

The driver of the Nissan, identified as Lorenzo M. Franklin, 27, of Hazel Crest, died at the accident scene.

The driver of the pickup truck had minor accident injuries.

Alcohol was considered a contributing factor in the crash.  Charges are reportedly pending.

Additional details regarding drivers who drive in the wrong direction and the types of crashes that often follow such negligent driving can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

Driver Distraction Awareness And Enforcement Initiative

Driver distraction continues to be a significant threat to safe travel both nationally and throughout Illinois.  While driver distraction can be caused by many different activities that divert the attention of the driver, among the most common reasons for driver distraction is operating a cell phone – and especially texting while driving.  As seen in various statistics, texting while driving is among the most hazardous form of “distracted driving.”  In many cases the resulting driver inattention can directly or indirectly lead to a loss of vehicle control and/or a traffic accident.

On this site, various issues (including legal, medical, and statistics) regarding distracted drivers and the accidents caused by their negligent actions are further discussed on the “Distracted Driving Accidents” page.  As seen on that page, statistics indicate the danger of driving while inattentive as well as the significant number of accidents that are attributed to driver distraction.  Additionally, a recent study (discussed in the “‘Distracted Driving’ Seen As Top Threat To Traffic Safety” post) shows that drivers consider “distracted driving” to be the top threat to traffic safety.

The April 22, 2018 Daily North Shore article titled “Head’s Up!  It’s Distracted Driving Awareness Week” discusses a recently announced Winnetka Police Department’s participation in the Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week, as well as department’s enforcement of applicable State of Illinois distracted driving laws.

An excerpt from the article:

The latest AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety research found that:

  • Drivers who use in-vehicle technologies, like voice-based and touch screen features, can be distracted for more than 40 seconds when completing tasks like programming navigation or sending a text message.

  • Removing eyes from the road for just two seconds doubles the risk for a crash Distracted Driving Awareness Week is a coordinated effort between the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP), AAA, The Illinois State Police, The Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois High School High School and College Driver Education Association (IHSCDEA) and nearly 300 local law enforcement throughout Illinois to educate motorists about the dangers of driving while distracted and enforcing the laws on Illinois’ roadways.

Additional details regarding these topics concerning driver distraction can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

“Hit & Run” Pedestrian Accident In Dolton Leads To Man’s Death

There was a fatal pedestrian accident that was a “hit & run” collision early Saturday (April 14, 2018) morning in Dolton.   The accident led to the death of a man.

Details on the accident appear limited at this time.

The fatal crash happened at the intersection of Sibley Boulevard and Evers Avenue at approximately 2:15 a.m.  A man was hit by a vehicle as he was walking at the intersection.  The vehicle then fled the scene of the collision.

The man was identified as Phillip Willis, 57.  He was pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital in Hammond, Indiana.

The accident investigation is being conducted by the Dolton Police Department.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this fatal pedestrian accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the April 14, 2018 NBC Chicago article titled “Man Killed in Dolton Hit-and-Run” as well as the April 14 WBBM News Radio article titled “Man Killed In Dolton Hit-And-Run.”

South Lake Shore Drive Car Crash Injures Driver

Car crashes in which a loss of control happens often result in serious accident injuries.   Often, a loss of vehicle control leads to the vehicle leaving the roadway, at which point it can hit a tree or other fixed object.

As discussed on the “Cook County Loss Of Control Accidents” page,  there are many reasons that a driver can lose control of a vehicle.    One such common reason is that the driver is distracted.   “Distracted driving” – even if done for only a short period of time – can potentially lead to a loss of vehicle control and an accident with injuries.  While there are many actions that can lead to the driver being inattentive while driving, a common reason for such inattentiveness is mobile phone use, especially for texting.

There was a South Lake Shore Drive car crash early Tuesday (April 10, 2018) morning.  Details on the accident appear limited at this time.  The cause of the crash does not appear to be publicly disclosed at this time.

An excerpt regarding the crash, from the April 10, 2018 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Man injured in crash on Lake Shore in Hyde Park“:

The 25-year-old man was driving a Honda Civic southbound at 2:02 a.m. in the 5300 block of South Lake Shore Drive, according to preliminary information from Chicago Police.

The car struck the median and a light pole.  The driver was taken to Northwestern Hospital for treatment of his accident injuries.  The injuries were not considered to be life-threatening in nature.

Additional details concerning this South Lake Shore Drive car crash can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

Reconstruction Of The Golf Road Traffic Circle In Des Plaines

“Roundabouts” and “traffic circles” often cause confusion among motorists.  Many motorists are unaware of how to properly navigate through these.  There is great potential for accidents to occur, given the amount of traffic that flows through traffic circles, especially if vehicles “fail to yield.”

In the Chicago area, one of the oldest and most well-known traffic circles is in Des Plaines at Wolf Road and Golf Road.  High volumes of traffic flow through this area.

Starting today (April 3, 2018) there is a construction project to improve various aspects of this traffic circle.   These improvements are discussed in the IDOT media release of April 2, 2018 titled “Cumberland Circle reconstruction begins April 3.”  Two excerpts:

The Illinois Department of Transportation announces that a reconstruction project will take place at the intersection of Golf Road (Illinois 58) and Wolf Road, known as the Cumberland Circle, in Des Plaines beginning Tuesday, April 3, weather permitting. The project will reconstruct the existing traffic circle into a modern roundabout.


The overall project will enhance safety and mobility at the intersection by providing clearly defined lane assignments and improved entry angles. The roundabout will feature a truck apron for buses and trucks, splitter islands to deflect vehicles into their proper lanes, and designated pedestrian and bicyclist crossings. The project also includes lighting and drainage work, as well new overhead signage.

Additional details can be seen in the IDOT media release as well as the Daily Herald article of March 30, 2018 (“Cumberland Circle reconstruction in Des Plaines beginning soon.”)

Fatal Car Crash In Schaumburg Involving 16-Year-Old Driver

There was a fatal car crash Sunday night (March 11, 2018) in Schaumburg.   The crash led to the death of the driver, a 16-year-old high school student.

An excerpt regarding the crash and the driver, identified as Graham W. Fath, from the March 12, 2018 Daily Herald article (with remembrances) titled “Conant High School junior killed in Schaumburg crash“:

Fath was traveling east on Wiley Road when the 2010 Subaru Outback he was driving crossed into the westbound lane, left the road and struck a utility pole, according to the preliminary investigation. The vehicle caught fire and was extinguished by Schaumburg firefighters.

Police believe speed was a factor in the crash.

Fath was pronounced dead at the accident scene.   During the crash he was ejected from the vehicle.   A fire ensued after the collision.

A subsequent autopsy by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office indicated that he died from multiple accident injuries that occurred during the crash.

The accident investigation is being conducted by the Schaumburg Police Department  with the assistance of the Major Case Assistance Team.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this fatal Cook County car crash can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the March 12 nbcchicago.com article (with video) titled “Suburban Teen Killed in Crash…

Fatal Berwyn Crash Involving A “Head-On Collision”

There was a fatal car crash early Tuesday (March 6, 2018) morning in Berwyn.  According to Berwyn Police the accident involved a car crossing the center line and colliding with another car in a “head-on collision.”

The collision occurred near Ogden and Ridgeland Avenues at approximately 3:00 a.m.  At that time, a Pontiac being driven by Mayra Rivera, 25, was traveling westbound on Ogden.  A Nissan being driven by a 29-year-old man was heading eastbound and the Nissan crossed the center line for a currently undetermined reason.  A collision occurred between the Nissan and Pontiac.

Mayra Rivera died at the accident scene.

An excerpt regarding the fatal crash, from the March 6, 2018 fox32chicago.com article (with video) titled “Single mom killed in violent suburban crash“:

So far, police believe speed was a factor in the crash.

“A horrific accident. Terrible, tragic. I saw the pictures, too. It was definitely a high rate of speed. We have an accident reconstructionist working on reconstructing the accident. Hopefully we’ll have an exact or approximate speed,” said Berwyn Police Chief Michael Cimaglia.

The driver and passenger of the Nissan were taken to hospitals for medical treatment of their accident injuries.

Charges are reported to be pending.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this fatal Berwyn collision can be seen in a variety of articles, including the article mentioned above as well as the March 7 abc7chicago.com article (with video and remembrances) titled “Single mother, 25, killed in head-on crash in Berwyn.”)

Man Critically Injured After Austin Neighborhood Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents continue occur in the Chicago area on a regular basis.   Pedestrian accidents are particularly notable as the person hit usually is hurt, and there is a wide range of seriously injuries that can result.  As seen in various individual pedestrian accidents summarized on this site, many of these injuries become life-threatening in nature, and some prove to be fatal.

Various aspects of Cook County pedestrian accidents – including what to do if you are hit by a vehicle – are further discussed on the “Cook County Pedestrian Accidents” page.

A man was struck by a vehicle on Friday (March 2, 2018) in the Austin Neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side, and was critically injured.

Details on the accident appear to be limited at this time.  However, the man struck was 51 years old.

An excerpt regarding the accident, as seen in the March 2, 2018 Chicago Tribune article titled “Pedestrian in critical condition after being struck on West Side“:

Details were scarce, but the man was hit shortly after 2:05 p.m. near Lamon and Chicago avenues in the Austin Neighborhood, according to a Chicago Fire Department spokesman.

He was taken in critical condition to Stroger Hospital, he said.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Chicago pedestrian accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above.

Woman Seriously Injured After Winnetka Pedestrian Accident

There was a pedestrian accident Tuesday (February 20, 2018) in Winnetka.  The accident involved a woman being struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Green Bay Road and Elm Street.

According to Winnetka Police, the accident happened at 6:00 p.m.  At the time of the crash, the pedestrian, a 55-year-old woman, was crossing the street.  She was then struck by the vehicle driven by a 62-year-old man from Glencoe.

The woman suffered injuries that were described as serious injuries, and she was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

The accident remains under investigation.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this pedestrian accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Daily North Shore article of February 22, 2018 titled “Woman Injured in Winnetka Crash.”

On this site, accidents in which people have been hit by vehicles are summarized in posts under the “Pedestrian Accidents” category.  Additionally, the broader subject of pedestrian accidents – as well as what to do if you have been hit by a vehicle – are discussed on the following two pages:

Cook County Pedestrian Accidents

Chicago Pedestrian Accidents

As well, because many serious pedestrian accidents occur while people are walking “with the light” in crosswalks, this subject is discussed on the “Accidents That Happen Within Crosswalks” page.

As discussed on those pages, it is common for those who are hit by vehicles to suffer serious if not life-threatening accident injuries.  Due to the severity of the accident injuries, as well as the possibility of injuries occurring that may not be immediately apparent, it is very important to have a thorough medical exam as soon as possible after being in an accident.  Injuries that may occur that may not be immediately apparent include traumatic brain injuries (TBI) as well as internal bleeding.

Additional information concerning these injury topics can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

Girl Dies After “Head-On Collision” On Route 59 In South Barrington

There was a fatal car collision Sunday (February 4, 2018) in which a Barrington High School student was killed.  The crash happened on Route 59 in South Barrington.  The accident involved a loss of vehicle control, after which the SUV crossed the center line and struck another SUV in a “head-on collision.”

The person who died as a result of the crash was identified as Cassandra Meadors, 14, of Barrington.  An excerpt regarding the crash, from the February 5 Daily Herald article titled “Barrington High School student killed in Route 59 crash“:

According to South Barrington police, Cassandra was in a 2009 Volvo S60 traveling north on Route 59 about 3:10 p.m. when its driver lost control and crossed into the southbound lane north of Penny Road.

The passenger side of the Volvo, driven by Dana Cibulka, 27, of Chicago, was struck by a 2006 BMW X5 driven by Carol Saldek, 56, of Crystal Lake, police said.

Cassandra was declared dead after being taken to St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates.  In addition to Cassandra being fatally injured, two others were also injured and taken to St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates for treatment of their accident injuries.

The crash investigation is being conducted by the South Barrington police and the Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team of the Major Crimes Assistance Team.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this fatal crash can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the February 5 Crystal Lake Patch article titled “Barrington High School Student Killed In Route 59 Crash.”